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Kindle DRM Removal for Mac

It’s been far away from the time for us to make a fuss on the drm protection attached on Kindle books which brings great trouble for reading them on other applications., such as such as iPad, Sony Reader, iPhone, iPod touch, Android phone/tablet. But amazon books also have its own glory that attracts us to lend, read and buy. If you are always seeking for a way to get over this dilemma, especially for Mac users. Then we recommend you Kindle DRM Removal for Mac.

Kindle DRM Removal for Mac is the easiest way we have found for readers, so we introduce it to you. It is a professional software to remove DRM protections from Amazon books with no quality loss. Just remove the azw/mobi files DRM header and there is no change on the files.

Go for this Kindle DRM Removal Remover for Mac to remove DRM from eBooks purchased or downloaded from Amazon Kindle azw books right now!

Kindle DRM RemovalVersion 4.5.3 for Windows
Kindle DRM Removal for MacVersion 4.5.3 for Mac

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How To Root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 / 8.9 On Android 4.0.4 ICS

Among the first things hardcore Android enthusiasts do after unboxing their shiny new smartphone or tablet is to look for ways of gaining root access to it. “Rooting” is the Android equivalent of “jailbreaking” (an iOS term) which lets users run apps that can make changes to or access system level data and resources.

Now, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is one of the most recent new Android-based devices. It has received mostly positive feedback from critics and consumers, who praise its unbeatable price and strong digital library of music, movies, books, and TV shows. Those of you who bought it recently and like their device to run more than just usual apps will be glad to know it was rooted a few days ago. We’ve got a friendly guide ready for this after the jump.

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